All Friends Network: Resources and Real Life Opportunities

all friends networkAn entirely new social support system for people with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities emerged during the COVID-19 epidemic. This free program and social network, created by Trevor Kelliher who has cerebral palsy, is aimed for people with developmental impairments who are looking to make new acquaintances. For someone with a disability, learning to create lifetime connections can be the difference between an autonomous and dependent lifestyle, which has been the subject of several studies. The pandemic isolated many people from their social circles; we were all advised against leaving our homes or visiting friends and family. The advent of the All Friends Network was a ray of hope for those who wished to reconnect with others.

We Create Friendship Making Opportunities

All Friends Network was founded with the intention of becoming the first step toward a permanent fix for happiness and prosperity, and it has expanded steadily ever since. The target demographic includes persons of all ages, with a particular focus on young adults on the autistic spectrum, those with cerebral palsy, and those with other developmental impairments who are looking to make friends for the long haul. While this may seem like a daunting task to some, be assured that numerous tools and events are in the works for members, and that a free software called Live-LINK can be utilized to help bring everyone together and make this plan a lot of fun.

Our goal in creating this social support system was to make it a welcoming place for people of all ages. The major goal is to facilitate opportunities for members to expand their social networks, develop their interpersonal abilities, and improve their chances of leading satisfying and successful lives on their own. Because of this, we think of All Friends Network as a crucial first step toward a permanent answer. The AFN Live-LINK app is a free social network for people with developmental disabilities. As the network expands, more opportunities will present themselves, and we are already attracting sponsors and supporters, such as Autism Speaks and Dairy Queen, among many others.

We’re Just Getting Started

Long term friendships and developmental disabilities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. All Friends Network has many different experiences in the works to help adults with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities. More gatherings will be added if we have a sizable enough membership base to justify them. To offset the cost of holding in-person get-togethers and events, a minimal fee will be charged for each one. All Friends Network, a Florida 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, will not be receiving any donations.

To make it more feasible for people of all income levels to attend events if they so choose, our team is presently negotiating bulk discounts with relevant merchants. Those who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend the events will also receive financial assistance from us. Some of the events currently in the works to provide friendship making opportunities include a pizza party, a mini-golfing adventure, a movie night, and maybe even a trip to the local aquarium or museum. Get in touch with us if you’re curious about the upcoming member social events we’ll be hosting.

Learn How to Make Lifelong Friendships

In addition to facilitating the development of lasting connections, we also offer our members access to a variety of useful online tools as part of our social support network. Those interested in gaining greater autonomy in their daily lives will have access to training videos, mini seminars, and even one-on-one sessions to help them acquire or hone the necessary skills. In addition, we’ll be collaborating with a staffing firm to help our job-seeking members find suitable employment. We’re excited to provide our services as a social network for people with developmental impairments like cerebral palsy and autism, guiding them through the process of creating a polished résumé and practicing interview questions.

Feel free to contact us at 941-587-7172 if you have any questions about All Friends Network membership, our AFN Live-LINK app, or any of our other initiatives that aim to foster lifetime connections and the development of essential life skills. To schedule a call back at your convenience, simply fill out our online contact form.