Social Engagement Opportunities: Making Friends with Disabilities

social engagement opportunities

If you have a developmental disability like cerebral palsy or autism, it might be difficult to find places to socialize and make friends. As one ages, the situation becomes more challenging, especially for those who are already out of school or live in a remote area without a lot of opportunities. This is true for…

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Overcoming Developmental Challenges: Meeting New People in Florida

meeting new people all friends network

For those who do not have autism or developmental disabilities, it can be hard to understand why even the most basic social situations and exchanges are challenging. It can be very stressful to try to make friends, and it can be even harder to keep friends for a long time. Making friends with someone who…

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Build Your Friendship Making Skills at Social Events and Online

friendship making skills

Some people are just really good at doing certain things and don’t even have to work on their skills in any way to perfect them. Others might have to spend time doing research, practice, or even get support to achieve their goals. For some, this could mean learning how to ride a bike, for others…

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Connect with Others: Make Real-Life Friends Online and In-Person

connect with others and make friends

It is natural for people to want to connect with others and build a support system. This is true whether you scare yourself when you meet new people or not. Even if the thought of meeting new people scares us, we are still drawn to them for friendship, support, and company. Our networking group, which…

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Join an Online and In-Person Community Support System for All Ages

support network for developmentally disabled

There are certain instances where a bad situation can bring about a very beneficial and wonderful opportunity. All Friends Network was born during a time of crisis experienced by millions of Americans nationwide. During the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, people from all walks of life were forced into total isolation, cutting them off…

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Improve Social Skills and Opportunities with All Friends Network

social skills and autism

You may enhance your social life, your ability to communicate effectively with others, and your ability to make new friends by working on your social skills. Whether your goal is to advance professionally or to expand your social circle, developing your interpersonal competence will serve you well. By effectively conversing with coworkers, for instance, you…

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Meet New Friends: Join Our Online Networking Community

online networking community

While we focus on young adults, opportunities are available for members of all ages at All Friends Network. Our program provides a wealth of tools and chances to meet new people who share similar developmental disabilities. Many of the resources we offer and the in-person gatherings we organize are designed with young people in mind,…

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Community Involvement Opportunities for Developmental Disabilities

community involvement opportunities

How does a person’s friendships and ability to make new friends affect their development as they get older? What makes socializing with others and going to events so crucial? Young people of varying abilities gain much from cultivating meaningful friendships. Individuals who are on the autism spectrum may need extra support and encouragement as they…

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Support for Developmentally Disabled Youth in Sarasota, Florida

support for youth at all friends network

Tough circumstances can often bring out the best in people, including disabilities and pressured situations. In the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, people from all walks of life were forced into total isolation, cutting them off from their usual activities, friends, and social circumstances. For those who already have vulnerabilities or who face aggravating…

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Participate in Real Life Activities in Florida to Make Friends

real life activities in Florida

The goals of individuals with cerebral palsy are the same as those of any other adult: to live fulfilling lives and to feel included in their communities. They would rather not be identified by their impairment, but to be recognized for their individuality and the value they provide to society. It can be challenging to…

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