Join All Friends Network: Take Advantage of Live Link Network

online resources for making friends

When someone is already susceptible to problems and illnesses, being cut off from others can have devastating effects. Making friends outside of the typical contexts of family, school, and extracurricular activities can be a turning point toward greater autonomy for people with developmental impairments like cerebral palsy and autism. During the pandemic, everyone stayed home…

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Learn to Develop Friendships: Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

develop friendships online and in person

If you have a developmental disability like cerebral palsy or autism, it might be difficult to find places to socialize and make friends. The older you are, especially after high school, the more difficult it becomes. Almost everyone, regardless of skill level, can attest to this being true. The goal of the All Friends Network,…

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How to Be a Good Friend: Tips for Making Friends with Autism

learn to be a good friend

Some people are born with talents and abilities that they don’t have to work on in order to succeed. This may mean learning to ride a bike for some, memorizing the names of every dinosaur ever, or mastering every level of a brand new video game for others. However, there are abilities in life that…

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Making Friends Online to Develop Real Life Friendships

real life friendships at AFN

People frequently have the chance to develop what are known as virtual friendships through social networking, online forums, apps, and other technology-driven platforms. What if, though, you want your online pals to also become your real-life friends? How do you really make the change? People who struggle with social skills, autism, or other developmental problems…

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Social Skills for Life: Developmental Disability Resources

learning social skills for life at All Friends Network

We could outgrow some of our earlier connections and interactions as we develop and broaden our area of interest. Some people find it more difficult than others to learn how to engage with others, even in the absence of a developmental disability. It may be very challenging for someone with autism or cerebral palsy to…

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The Social Network for Developmentally Disabled Young Adults

social network for adults with developmental disabilities

Imagine launching a social network and interactive event-based membership for people with disabilities in the middle of a panedemic. All Friends Network was a dream come true for our founder, with web-based networking opportunities, social resources online, and real life events to help our members build and grow friendships. People from all areas of life…

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Online Resources and Local Events for Young Adults to Make Friends

local events to make friends and build social skills

Making and maintaining friendships might be intimidating at first, especially if you don’t have much experience doing so. Finding a place where you can chat to people who share a similar disability and experience with anxieties about making friends may be a great help in overcoming your worries. Making friends as a young adult might…

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Friendship, Fulfillment & Fun for All at All Friends Network

friendship fulfillment and fun at All Friends Network

If you have ever felt ill-equipped to make friends, either due to a disability, lack of opportunities, or confidence issues, you understand how difficult it can be to get out there and meet new people. While it can be easier for young children to make new friends, due to grouping by similar age and interests…

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Secure Network Membership Program for Developmental Disabilities

secure online membership program for people with developmental disabilities

Learning how to create friends that you can keep for a lifetime is one of the most valuable talents you can acquire. The support and inspiration that you require to get through the challenging periods in life may be found in your friendships, which are absolutely necessary for this. There have been a number of…

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Get Out There: Learn How to Gain Confidence in Social Skills

get out there and make friends

For individuals of all ages, All Friends Network provides a wealth of materials and chances to meet new people. Young adults are the target audience for many of the resources we offer and the real-world activities we organize to teach them how to build skills while socializing with others who have cerebral palsy and other…

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