Social Skills and Autism: Maintaining Friendships as Adults

maintaining adult friendships

While a lot of focus is given to learning how to make friends and step up in social situations, one of the most challenging things for young adults can be maintaining friendships over a period of months of years. Issues with social skills and autism are one of the obstacles that those with developmental disabilities…

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Friend Making Events: Join Real Life Events and Opportunities

making friends in real life

All Friends Network offers a wide range of resources and opportunities to make friends for members of all ages. A lot of the tools that we provide and the real life events that we plan are geared around young adults to help them learn how to make friends with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.…

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Social Support Network & Resource for Developmentally Disabled

social support network

Recent events have proven the value of learning to build lifelong friendships if for nothing else to have the support and encouragement necessary to get through life’s challenges. Though the benefits of friendship have been the subject of countless studies, for people with disabilities, the ability to form lasting friendships can be the deciding factor…

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Building Social Skills and Developing Social Ability for Life

building social skills

In the process of maturing and diversifying our sphere of interest, we may outgrow some of our previous friendships and relationships. Even in the absence of a disability, some people have a harder time than others learning to interact with others. Learning how to make friends with cerebral palsy or developing social skills in a…

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Autistic Friends: Real Life Friendship Opportunities & Events

learn how to make real life friendships

The drawbacks of social media and its impact on young people are well-known. However, there can be benefits to using a dedicated social network for developmental disabilities. Lack of real-world social interaction in favor of online video consumption and commenting. There have been some positive outcomes, however, for the disabled community in particular as a…

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Online Networking, Resources and Support at All Friends Network

online networking resources to meet new friends

People from all areas of life were forced into complete isolation in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, cutting them off from activities, friends, and social situations. Isolation may be very dangerous, especially for people who are predisposed to problems and circumstances that can amplify its effects. Friendships made outside of the context of…

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Networking Opportunities for Disabled Community Friendships

meet new friends with networking opportunities

What exactly does the bond of friendship have to do with a person’s progression through childhood and adolescence? Why are getting together with friends and attending events so important? No matter their talents, youngsters of all different kinds benefit greatly from having close friends. When it comes to learning how to make and keep friends,…

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Improving Communications and Social Skills for Friendships

improve social skills with free resources

The best way to improve your social life, make friends, and learn to communicate effectively with others is to work on your social skills. Whether your goal is career advancement or making new friends, developing your social skills will help you succeed in both areas. Making friends and interacting effectively with coworkers are two examples…

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Planned Events & Activities: Community Engagement Opportunities

planned events activities

It’s important to know that adults with cerebral palsy want the same things as everyone else: to be independent and valued members of the community. They don’t want to be known for their disability. Instead, they want to be seen as unique people who have something to offer. It can be hard to reach these…

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All Friends Network: Find New Opportunities to Make Friends

opportunities to make friends

For many persons with autism, communication challenges are among the most frustrating symptoms. To succeed, it’s important to learn socialization techniques and look for chances to meet others. The possibilities for making acquaintances as a young person who is still in school can be much bigger than they are after graduation. Finding an online network…

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