Connect with Others: Make Real-Life Friends Online and In-Person

connect with others and make friendsIt is natural for people to want to connect with others and build a support system. This is true whether you scare yourself when you meet new people or not. Even if the thought of meeting new people scares us, we are still drawn to them for friendship, support, and company. Our networking group, which is called All Friends Network (AFN), helps people of all ages who have developmental disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy. We have online tools, networking opportunities, and ways for people with developmental disabilities to talk to each other. The Live Link network app was made so that users could talk to each other in a safe and nice space. We also understand and support the idea of meeting people in real life, which is why we are also planning events and activities for our users to enjoy in real life.

Making Friends with Autism and Cerebral Palsy

There are different types of friendships that range in how close and intense they are. Some people find their best friends early in life, and they’ll have a few close friends and friends they just know throughout their lives. Others like to make friends with a group, and as they get older, they will switch from one person to another or go to group events together. Some people, though, never really find close friends or best friends because they don’t let themselves get that close to anyone. They may be holding themselves back even as an adult because they are afraid of being close to someone, being rejected, or having a past of being made fun of and bullied. Instead, they have a small group of acquaintances at school, work, church, or in the neighborhood. They talk to these people often but never really share personal things like they would with a friend.

It’s clear that internet friendships can be just as real as face-to-face friendships when you think about all the different ways people can be friends. In particular, this is true if the person doesn’t have many real-life friends with whom they hang out often. For some, this may be enough. During the pandemic, many people from all walks of life learned that they could really connect with others online and become friends. Friendships are different from family ties because friends choose to be friends. It doesn’t matter how nice someone thinks they are—you can’t make them be friends. But family members have to deal with each other no matter what. Having friends is important, but it can also be scary because you can lose them. It can be easier to talk to people in person if you know how to make friends online.

Connect with Others at AFN

Take part in real-life events and chances through All Friends Network. This could help you find things you have in common with another user and become friends. Real life events help our users find others who share their skills, interests, and other life experiences. This is similar to how an online chat room, video game chat, or online networking app like the Live Link network app works. Going to the zoo, museum, or pizza party can be a great way to break the ice and meet someone who gets you and values who you are. You’ll have a lot to talk about when you find out that you both like giraffes or animals in general. This will help you get over the fear and nervousness that can come with meeting new people.

It is natural to want to connect with people who feel the same way about things that are important to us or that interest us. Give the person next to you a chance whether you’re chatting with them on the Live Link network app or meeting them in real life at an event. They might be your new best friend because they like the same movies, sports, and foods as you do. You don’t even know it yet. If you want to join the All Friends Network, you can call our team at 941-587-7172 or use our online form to get in touch with a member of our friendly staff.