Improve Social Skills and Make Strong Friendships Through AFN

improve social skills with online resourcesOne of the most challenging obstacles for many persons with developmental limitations is learning to make and maintain friendships. Especially during gatherings of individuals of a similar age or from a similar background, many people find it easy to develop new connections in a short length of time. Building the foundation for lifelong friendships requires plenty of opportunities to engage in the real world, such as pizza parties, trips to local zoos and aquariums, and sporting events. All Friends Network’s program is always being created and enhanced to better meet the needs of our membership, and it gives our members access to a wide variety of resources and possibilities. Our online community of support, the Live-LINK APP, and other state-of-the-art tools may help you hone your skills and acquire new ones.

Making friends and developing meaningful connections can be difficult for people with developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism. These skills are crucial for young adults, especially if they hope to establish their own lives as independent adults. Many persons with cerebral palsy find that the most challenging component of life with the illness is learning how to engage with other people and maintaining long-term friendships. Many persons with cerebral palsy experience challenges beyond those caused by the condition’s outward manifestations. To wish to join in on popular pursuits like socializing, taking part in organized activities, and attending group-hosted events is a laudable goal that can lead to many additional advantages.

Overcome Developmental Disabilities

Our online community exists to teach its members the basics of social interaction so that they may develop and maintain meaningful connections. Learning how to strike up discussions, take part in mutually beneficial ones, develop your communication skills, and express your views and opinions to people can serve you well in many areas of your life. The ability to communicate effectively with others is a prerequisite for many social and professional opportunities, including employment, participation in organized groups and programs, and local civic engagement. Many studies have found that an individual’s level of participation in social activities is correlated with their chance of having problems with friendship and depression. The confidence and hope we gain from these relationships have the power to push us to expand who we are and what we do in the world.

For a person with a physical or developmental disability, maintaining positive, supportive connections is even more crucial. These connections allow us to share our thoughts and feelings with someone who will listen and support us no matter what is going on. Feeling more secure is possible when we surround ourselves with friends who share our background, interests, and even difficulties like physical or mental limitations. Several studies have shown the importance of this to our overall psychological health. We decided to create the All Friends Network as an online community to help people with disabilities who are having trouble sustaining friendships. Communicating with another human being, even remotely, via the internet or a social networking service like Live-LINK, can often simplify even the most difficult of situations.

Resources and Real Life Opportunities

Gatherings between close friends don’t need to be formal or involve a lot of people. Some examples of things that may be done quickly and without much planning include going to the mall, taking a walk in the park, or even just having a cup of coffee. Others in your social circle may be able to help you overcome obstacles in getting out if you have a physical disability. It’s not hard to see how having a friend lifts your mood, whether they offer words of encouragement or physical assistance getting from A to B. We all need someone who can make us laugh or is there, just to listen when times get tough. To learn more about the many programs, events, and services offered by All Friends Network, please call 941-587-7172 and talk with a member of our team. We’re here to help in any way we can, whether that’s answering your questions, getting you signed up for our membership program, or getting you online with our Live-LINK social network service.