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AFN Live-LINK will be a stand-alone application, which will also be accessible on the All Friends Network website. To use AFN Live-LINK a person must join as a member of the All Friends Network. There are no fees for membership. Our goal is to have people start communicating and building friendships as soon as possible.

The application will be a safe secure environment for members to add their profiles and start communicating with other members. We are planning on have AFN Live-LINK up and running by August 31, 2020

Social Events

All Friends Network is planning on holding monthly social events starting in the fall of 2021. After we build enough membership volume to support our gatherings. For each event there may be a small nominal fee which would cover the cost of the outing, no money will be for All Friends Network. We are working with vendors to get group discounts, making it affordable for everyone at All Friends Network. We will also help cover costs for those who cannot afford to attend these events.

Our events will include pizza night, movie night, mini golf outing, or a tour at a local museum or aquarium.

Life Skills

We are also planning on helping enhance life skills for our members. This will be done on-line with educational training videos, small seminars, and one on one sessions for our All Friends Network members.

We will also be working with an employment agency to help facilitate employment opportunities for all members looking for job placement. Training will be available to help individuals prepare a professional resume. All Friends Network will also help members with interview techniques for their job interview.