Support for Developmentally Disabled Youth in Sarasota, Florida

support for youth at all friends networkTough circumstances can often bring out the best in people, including disabilities and pressured situations. In the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, people from all walks of life were forced into total isolation, cutting them off from their usual activities, friends, and social circumstances. For those who already have vulnerabilities or who face aggravating conditions, being alone can be extremely risky. As Americans scrambled to adjust to the changes that the pandemic brought to their daily lives, others rose to the occasion and found new ways to help others like themselves to cope. People with developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy or autism, benefit greatly from friendships formed outside of the framework of family, school, or other planned events to increase their level of independence. This can include both online and in-person friendships, as was discovered with the All Friends Network programs for young adults with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities.

All Friends Network in Florida

One young adult with cerebral palsy recognized the challenges and worked to do something about it. Trevor Kelliher created the All Friends Network, a free social network and software to help people with developmental disabilities find friends, expand their social skills, and have the means to communicate with others, when all other forms of social interaction were cut off for everyone. The plan’s endgame is to facilitate the creation of new friends and the strengthening of existing ones, as well as the opportunity to meet up in person after the pandemic’s quarantine limitations have been lifted. People with disabilities like cerebral palsy and autism need their own social network to provide a safe space where they may meet others who can relate to their experiences. At All Friends Network, we work with people of all ages who have developmental disabilities to help them prioritize friendships.

Members of our social support network may interact with one another using a cost-free smartphone app. All Friends Network customers have full access to the Live Link Network APP, which is live and fully functional. This helps to isolate those who don’t understand the struggles that persons with developmental disabilities face. Many people who have sought to make lasting relationships online in more open or public networks have met bullying and other unpleasant behaviors. The mission of All Friends Network is to connect people with different types of developmental disabilities and encourage them to form friendships with one another. Only by phoning our staff can you join this genuine network of people with disabilities.

Programs for Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

All Friends Network is a Florida-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Trevor Kelliher is a member of our staff and the company’s founder and chief executive officer. Chief Executive Officer Gregory J. Kelliher and Chief Financial Officer Paul D. Amato. The All Friends Network is Trevor’s dream come true, as he hopes to help persons with developmental disabilities discover friendship and community. Trevor argues in his narrative that friendship is crucial to happiness and fulfillment. This is the primary objective of the AFN social support network, and we want to provide our users with the means to do so through the provision of our unique Live-LINK app.

Your help and generosity have been invaluable to our group of friends who have cerebral palsy and autism. Donations from the public are how our non-profit organization is able to carry out its mission. You may make a gift at any time using the “Donate Now” button on the top of any page of our website. The members of our social network and online resource, both in Florida and elsewhere in the country, deserve our sincere appreciation.

Support for the Developmentally Disabled

Our members have access to a multitude of resources and fun, arranged gatherings through All Friends Network. As part of our plan to aid people of all ages who are experiencing developmental issues, we are now expanding our work with the Live-LINK program. Making new friends, fostering genuine connections, honing one’s life skills, and positioning oneself to have a happier, healthier, and more successful life will continue to be emphasized. By bringing everyone in our community together in one place and providing a welcoming and exciting setting for everyone to have fun and engage with one another. If you have any questions about our group or would like to join All Friends Network, please call 941-587-7172 to speak with a member of our staff. You may also get out to us using this online form at any time!