The Social Network for Developmentally Disabled Young Adults

social network for adults with developmental disabilitiesImagine launching a social network and interactive event-based membership for people with disabilities in the middle of a panedemic. All Friends Network was a dream come true for our founder, with web-based networking opportunities, social resources online, and real life events to help our members build and grow friendships. People from all areas of life were forced into the same situation in the early stages of the pandemic, in particular, isolation from other people. Isolation may be quite harmful, especially for people who are predisposed to problems and circumstances that might amplify its effects.

Friendships made outside of the context of family, school, and other planned events can help people with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and autism, to learn how to live more independently. All Friends Network and the Live-LINK app were created to be a social network for developmentally disabled individuals. During the pandemic, everyone stayed inside their own homes and avoided visiting friends due to work from home, school from home, and worries about what COVID-19 would do to people who already had health issues. Unfortunately, for many of those with autism and cerebral palsy, fears of making friends and social situations create pandemic-like situations that can last a lifetime. All Friends Network was designed to be a beacon of hope to those who wish to make new friends and increase their social skills.

Web-Based Network Opportunites & Real Life Events

All Friends Network was developed to provide a free social network and resource for those with developmental disabilities who wish to make friends. In addition to our social resources online, we also offer in-person events, group outings, and online activities designed to increase social interaction and help our members learn how to become confident in making friends. The primary mission was to provide a method for making new acquaintances, strengthening current connections, and, after the pandemic limitations were gone, an opportunity to attend real-world events and occasions to actually meet these new friends. Beginning in 2021, those group activities became a reality with many of our members coming out to attend and take advantage of friendship-making opportunities.

Our social support network’s members can communicate one-on-one or in group chats with other members via a free mobile app, which is only accessible to All Friends Network subscribers. By keeping this social network for developmentally disabled individuals exclusive to our members, we can help each person to grow in knowledge, experience, and confidence while communicating with others in the program. Bullying and other unfavorable behaviors have been encountered by many who have sought to establish friends online in more open or public networks. The goal of All Friends Network is to facilitate friendship-building opportunities without the fear or risk of negative experiences with individuals who might not understand people with disabilities.

Support for People with Disabilities

In the State of Florida, All Friends Network is a 501-(C)(3) Non-Profit Company. Our founder and the CEO of AFN, Trevor Kelliher, is a member of our team. Gregory J. Kelliher serves as CEO, while Paul D. Amato serves as CFO. Our founder’s aim and desire for the All Friends Network is to assist people with developmental disabilities, providing them opportunities, resources, and support for making friends and finding companionship. In our About page, Trevor stresses the importance of having friends, as it is essential to enjoying and living a fulfilled life. This is the main goal of the AFN social support network, and with the aid of our special Live-LINK app, we aim to be able to give our users the resources they need to forge lifetime connections.

As a Non-Profit Corporation, we appreciate all of the contributions, support, and donations. The primary funding for the work we undertake comes from donations from the general public. By using the “Give Now” button on the front page of our website, you may make a donation at any time and pay with a PayPal, debit, or credit card. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our sponsors, who are located both locally in Florida and across the nation. They include Autism Speaks, MD Pro Solutions, SouthCoast Internet, Sterling Strategic Advisors, Dairy Queen, RCN Networks, Baycross Foundation, Face Autism, Inc., Victoria Finley, CFRE, and others.

Join or Support All Friends Network Today!

For our members, All Friends Network offers a wealth of information and organized social events. We are now extending our work with the Live-LINK application as part of our strategy to assist individuals of all ages with developmental difficulties. The emphasis will continue to be on making new friends, developing sincere relationships, improving life skills, and putting oneself in position to lead a more fulfilling, self-sufficient, and fruitful life. By bringing all of our members together and offering a fun and interactive experience for all in a safe and friendly environment. Call our team at 941-587-7172 to speak with a member of our team directly if you have any questions about our organization or would want to join All Friends Network. You can also use our online contact form to get in touch with a team member at any time.