The Value of Friendships: How to Forge Long-Term Friendships

value of friendshipsIn life, there are certain things that unite us more than others. Certainly one of the psychological advantages of maintaining long-term friendships is enjoying a connection with another person who shares at least some of your same interests. Even the most introverted person craves to have at least one person that understands them and appreciates them for who they are. This is true for both adults and children – life is just more fun when you have friends. Whether your buddies have autism, cerebral palsy, or no developmental disabilities at all is irrelevant. A lifetime friendship forged by a shared passion can benefit you in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.

All Friends Network’s mission is to support its members in overcoming obstacles related to friendship and disabilities so they may experience the advantages of forming relationships with others. Everyone needs someone to laugh, weep, and confide in deeply, but being so open and vulnerable with someone else may be frightening, particularly if you have a disabilities. The goal of our network is to provide a “safe space” where users may interact both virtually and offline. We are aware of the value of friendships and the difficulties in establishing and preserving them.

Benefits of Friendship and Disabilities

While avoiding loneliness and despair is one of the more evident benefits of friendships, there are other benefits that may not be as evident. Research has been conducted on the advantages of having a real and reliable friend—as opposed to merely acquaintances or close family members. It may seem hard to have a disability and be a friend, particularly if your impairment makes it difficult for you to venture out into the world alone. We at All Friends Network are getting ready for our members with a variety of offerings, including scheduled in-person events, an engaging members-only app called Live-LINK, and online networking.

Learning how to make friends, maintain long-term friendships, and feel confident in speaking with others can offer so many benefits. These skills can help a person to be more content, reduce stress and tension in public spaces, and increase confidence in other areas of life. People who know how to build relationships also have a greater sense of self-value and are able to tackle challenges and traumas head-on. Friends helps to hold us accountable, not just for our actions, but also for our feelings. Friendships can promote more wholesome lifestyles and behaviors, increase a sense of security, and reduce the impact of emotional difficulties. The benefits are mutual, so each party enjoys the advantages and value of friendships.

Scheduled In-Person Events and Gatherings

These days, there are several ways that individuals “hang out” with each other. Although face-to-face gatherings are highly enjoyable and a great way for friends with autism and cerebral palsy to connect, they are not always feasible. Persistent worries about COVID-19, RSV, and other concerns could keep people from routinely going to live events. Through email, phone calls, chat apps, video chat, texting, and other forms of technology, many connections are forged. As individuals may practice their conversational skills from the safety of their homes, this can be a significant benefit for people who are still learning how to feel comfortable in social situations.

A friendship can sometimes be strengthened by just spending time together via video chat, texting, and viewing a movie together – even from a distance. It’s not always necessary to have shared experiences face-to-face, particularly when there are barriers in the way. You probably have some interests with the other person, which is why you are attempting to become friends. This may include conversing over headphones while playing online video games with friends or talking about interests and hobbies in an app chatroom. Give it a go if your new friend wants to attempt talking with you in a language you’re not comfortable with; friendship is about giving and receiving. The goal of All Friends Network is to provide secure ways to reap the rewards of friendship without taking on all the associated hazards.

Build Social Skills at All Friends Network

Get in touch with All Friends Network directly if you’d want more information on the advantages of friendship that lasts a lifetime and disabilities, or if you’d like to find out how to make friends who have cerebral palsy, autism, or other developmental disabilities. We can respond to any inquiries you may have regarding the goals of our group, the advantages of forming friendships, and how to use our online tools and services. Our mission is to create lifetime connections by bringing together individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages at our Sarasota, Florida location. Please contact us directly through our website or by phone at 941-587-7172 if you think this would be a good idea as well.