Essential Life Skills: Learn About Making Friends with Autism

essential life skills for people with autismEven seemingly simple social gatherings and interactions might seem complicated for someone that has autism. It can be very frustrating to try and make friends but even more challenging to maintain long-term friendships. Anxiety can be a determining factor in making friends with autism, but the good news is that there are lots of resources, support, and opportunities if you really want to make it happen. Friendships can be extremely valuable for any young adult, but in particular, for someone who has any kind of disability. Learning how to meet new friends, trust people that you don’t know, and be bold enough to strike up a conversation can be overwhelming. All Friends Network is an online network for people with autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities designed to help them to make and maintain friendships.

A Safe Resource for Young Adults

If you have autism and struggle with meeting new people and making friends, the All Friends Network might be just what you need to break out of your shell. Think of it as an autistic friends network, a place where you can meet other young adults with similar disabilities and challenges who also want to learn how to meet new friends. In addition to online resources, support, and the new Live-LINK app network, All Friends Network is also planning real life events, gatherings, and outings for members to meet up safely face-to-face. Our program is designed for any individual who has autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities, with a strong focus on young adults. It can be more difficult to start making friends with autism as an adult if you never got much practice at it when you were younger.

Some people with autism grow up isolated, either of their own choosing or because their disability prevented them in some way from being more social. While school and family-based events are a good way for some individuals with autism to get out in the world and meet others, there may be reasons why this was not possible in some situations. Whatever your past the time to change that and learn how to meet new friends now. All Friends Network is designed to be a safe resource for members who have similar disabilities and interests. It is an excellent way to start taking the necessary baby steps toward being confident about social situations and participating in events. Online resources are now being developed to help members in a variety of beneficial ways.

Common Ground Makes It Easier

When you have something in common with someone, either an interest, such as a hobby or sport, it makes it easier to start a conversation. Many friendships enjoyed by people of all ages begin with a simple acknowledgment of a shared interest. You might enjoy the same music types of food, have a similar cultural background, have another friend in common, play online video games, or enjoy collecting something specific. Whatever the common ground is that you can discover about each other, the easier it will be to start and maintain a conversation that could have the potential to grow into a friendship.

Tips and information online talk about learning how to meet new friends and always start with encouragement to find local support groups and events geared to autistic individuals. With All Friends Network as your online and in-person autistic friends network, you can gain access as a member to all of the activities, online interactions, resources, and group events that are planned now and in the future. Making friends with autism might seem scary at first, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. All you need to do is build on the essential elements of friendship, practice your conversational and social skills whenever you can, and be confident in yourself.

Sign Up Online Today

If you are interested in joining the All Friends Network, you can contact our team via the online contact form on our website. You can also call us directly by dialing 941-587-7172. We can assist you in signing up for our membership, provide detailed information about the Live-LINK app network, and answer any questions you might have about the opportunities available for making friends with autism. Every great adventure starts with a single step. We are hoping that All Friends Network can help you get started and make some friendships that will provide you with joy and encouragement in life.