Friendship, Fulfillment & Fun for All at All Friends Network

friendship fulfillment and fun at All Friends NetworkIf you have ever felt ill-equipped to make friends, either due to a disability, lack of opportunities, or confidence issues, you understand how difficult it can be to get out there and meet new people. While it can be easier for young children to make new friends, due to grouping by similar age and interests in school and other community activities, making friends as an adult, particularly young adults with disabilities, can be a real challenge. The goal of All Friends Network is to create fun and exciting opportunities for our members to get “out there” in the real world and make friends. Through the use of planned outings, fun events and group activities, it can be easier to take advantage of friendship opportunities and strike up conversations with other individuals.

A Non-Profit Corporation in Sarasota, Florida

All Friends Network, Inc., is a 501-(C)(3) non-profit corporation located within the state of Florida. Our overall mission is to help our members, young adults with disabilities, to find friendship and enhance their quality of life. We achieve this through the use of what we call the “three F’s,” which includes friendship, fulfillment, and fun. While our primary focus is on young adults who have developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and autism, we also provide resources and friendship opportunities for individuals of all ages. It can be challenging to find fun events and group activities designed specifically for the developmentally disabled, especially with a focus on making friends and improving social skills.

Located in Sarasota, Florida, we have a wide range of events planned, as well as online opportunities and support for our members, who are located all throughout the country. We are working to increase financial support through sponsors in the local area to help make attending these group activities affordable for all who wish to attend. In addition, we offer a variety of online resources, designed to help our members improve social skills and communication for making friends, getting jobs, and participating in community events. Our Live-LINK app is free for all members, providing a quick and easy access to all of our resources, support programs, and interactive social media for communicating with other members in our program.

A Safe and Friendly Environment

One of the best things about All Friends Network and the Live-LINK app is that it is a safe and friendly environment. Mainstream social media programs and communication resources can be a scary place for those who do not yet have the confidence or experience necessary to navigate through negative and judgmental individuals. All of this is designed to help our members focus on meeting new friends who share similar backgrounds, interests, disabilities, and situations so they can cultivate relationships, enhance life skills, and prepare for a more meaningful, independent, and productive life. We like to say that All Friends Network is the first step toward a lifetime solution of happiness, independence, and confidence.

All Friends Network was a dream come true for our Chief Operating Officer (COO) and founder, Trevor Kelliher. Like many of our members, Trevor was born with cerebral palsy and had difficulty making friends outside of school. AFN and the Live-LINK app are the product of Trevor’s vision and dreams to create a safe space for others with developmental disabilities to make friends, improve social skills, and participate in fun events and group activities designed to provide friendship opportunities. We invite all young adults with disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy to join the All Friends Network and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Connect with our team by calling 941-587-7172 or reach out via email at

We are proud to announce that All Friends Network has been hosting social events since the Fall of 2021. Our goal in 2023 is to host monthly in-person events and to continue building our membership at All Friends Network. Past events include a boat excursion on the Manatee River, attendance to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Rays Sporting Events, a Member Meet & Greet at Rise and Nye’s & Truman’s Tap and Grill, and AFN’s First Annual Golf Tournament at Serenoa Golf Club. Upcoming events include pizza night, movie night, a mini golf outing, a tour at a local museum or aquarium, field day activities, and much more! Social events help our members get out and have some fun and build relationships. Contact our team today to learn more about fun events and group activities for young adults with disabilities at All Friends Network.