Helpful Resources for Developmentally Disabled Young Adults

resources for the developmentally disabledThe world has changed significantly when it comes to serving those with developmental disabilities. While we still have a long way to go, there are now lots of online communities, local events, resources, and opportunities to make friends. Whether you find something in your community that serves your state or if you are looking for something nationwide, chances are you will find the resources you need to achieve your goals. All Friends Network was created by an individual who has cerebral palsy. Understanding the needs of young adults who are searching for an online networking community that offers a safe space to meet new people, make friends, participate in real life events, and take advantage of helpful resources is our primary objective. In addition to the website and members-only resources, we also offer the AFN Live Link Network app, which offers social media communications and support for our members.

What Do You Want to Do?

Whether your goal is to find employment opportunities, get involved in a community, improve your social skills, or take advantage of other resources, you can find it all online. Check out your local resources for nearby events, classes, groups, and assistance programs. Take advantage of everything we have to offer at All Friends Network and join our online networking community. We are currently developing a series of web-based resources, including programs to enhance life skills for our members. Online educational training videos, small seminars, and one on one sessions can all be used to assist with your quest for independent living and to achieve friendship goals.

Our team is also working with an employment agency to facilitate employment opportunities for all of our members who are searching for job placement. Support will be offered through help with interview techniques designed to give you the tools you need to get the job. Training will also be available to help prepare a professional resume, and encouragement is available through the AFN Live Link Network app. Make sure to also participate in our other opportunities to make friends, which can help to build social skills and make conversations in the workplace and other situations flow a lot easier. The more you practice your skills, the easier they will be to use when you need them the most.

Transition to Independence

One of the benefits of taking advantage of opportunities to make friends is that it can help in the transition to independence. Young adults from all walks of life want to be more independent. Whether that means living out on your own or having a job or responsibilities of your own will depend on your own definition of independent and your abilities. A popular saying is, “your mileage may vary,” as we each have our own path in life to take that can be influenced by many different things. The point is to join an online networking community and take advantage of all the resources you can to help you achieve your goals.

Once high school is over, it is all up to you. Some people will want to go to college and continue their education, while others will prefer to get into the workforce. Whatever your goals, make sure to have all the tools at your disposal that are necessary for you to live the life that you want. Friendships can be encouraging throughout this process, providing you with the support and sounding board that you need to think about your plans and ensure that they are realistic. Speak with your family, physician, and support group, and let them know what you want to do next. Sometimes answers and ideas can come from the most unlikely of places, but you’ll never know unless you express what you want to do out loud to someone who cares.

Join All Friends Network Today!

Take the first step and join our online networking community to take advantage of free resources, get involved in real life activities, and participate in opportunities to make friends online and in person. Ask about our AFN Live Link Network app and talk with others who may have similar interests and goals or have already taken the path to greater independence with success. Call our team today at 941-587-7172 or email us at