Join All Friends Network: Take Advantage of Live Link Network

online resources for making friendsWhen someone is already susceptible to problems and illnesses, being cut off from others can have devastating effects. Making friends outside of the typical contexts of family, school, and extracurricular activities can be a turning point toward greater autonomy for people with developmental impairments like cerebral palsy and autism. During the pandemic, everyone stayed home and avoided socializing since they either had to work or study or were worried about the effects of COVID-19 on their health. With no end in sight, the weeks turned into months, and the months became years. Isolation made if challenging for anyone to socialize, especially those with health concerns and increased susceptibility to contracting viruses.

A New Social Network for Developmental Disabilities

All Friends Network was founded in the midst of the epidemic by Trevor Kelliher, who has cerebral palsy. It is a free app and social network for people with developmental impairments who are looking to meet friends. The objective was to facilitate social interactions that would lead to the formation of new connections and the strengthening of existing ones, as well as the possibility of attending real-world activities and meeting these new acquaintances in person once the pandemic limitations were relaxed. In order to facilitate meeting others with similar interests and backgrounds, a social network tailored to those with cerebral palsy and autism is required. Our goal at All Friends Network is to facilitate friendship-making among persons of all ages who have developmental challenges.

Members of our social support network may connect and communicate with one another through their mobile devices by downloading our free app. The Live-LINK app is currently operational, however it is restricted to those who are part of the All Friends Network. This aids in excluding those who might cause a disruption because they lack empathy for those with developmental impairments. Many people who have sought to establish friends in larger, more open networks have been subjected to bullying and other unpleasant experiences. The mission of All Friends Network is to facilitate friendship among people with developmental impairments such as cerebral palsy, autism, and Down syndrome. Calling our staff is the only way to join this exclusive network for persons with impairments.

Improve Social Skills – and Confidence

The All Friends Network is a Florida nonprofit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Trevor Kelliher, our company’s creator and current COO, is a key member of our staff. Gregory J. Kelliher serves as CEO, and Paul D. Amato as CFO. Trevor’s aim is to assist individuals with developmental impairments find connection and companionship, and he plans to do this through his organization, All Friends Network. In his narrative, Trevor emphasizes the importance of friendship: “Having friends is a critical part of your life’s enjoyment and fulfillment.” That is why we built the AFN social support network in the first place, and we’re hoping that the innovative Live-LINK app will provide our members with the resources they need to make lasting connections.

We appreciate any help, contributions, or donations you may give. Since we are a charitable organization, we rely on donations to fund our operations. The “Donate Now” button on our homepage accepts payments by PayPal, debit, and credit cards 24/7. Autism Speaks, MD Pro Solutions, SouthCoast Internet, Sterling Strategic Advisors, Dairy Queen, RCN Networks, Baycross Foundation, Face Autism, Inc., Victoria Finley, CFRE, and many more in the Florida region and around the country have generously supported our efforts.

Join Our Online Network and Resources

Members of All Friends Network have access to a wealth of information and organized get-togethers. In order to better serve persons of all ages who have developmental impairments, we are increasing our efforts with the Live-LINK program. Connecting all of our members and offering a fun and dynamic experience for all in a secure and welcoming atmosphere, we will continue to place an emphasis on making new friends, developing meaningful connections, developing useful life skills, and becoming ready to lead a more fulfilling, self-reliant, and fruitful existence. Get in touch with us at any time by calling 941-587-7172 or filling out our online contact form if you have any questions about our organization or would want to join All Friends Network.