Join an Online and In-Person Community Support System for All Ages

support network for developmentally disabledThere are certain instances where a bad situation can bring about a very beneficial and wonderful opportunity. All Friends Network was born during a time of crisis experienced by millions of Americans nationwide. During the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, people from all walks of life were forced into total isolation, cutting them off from social settings, friends, and hobbies. Isolation may be extremely harmful, particularly for those who are more vulnerable to issues and situations that might exacerbate its consequences.

People with developmental disabilities, such cerebral palsy and autism, can live more independently when they form friendships outside of the family, school, and other planned events. Due to concerns about what COVID-19 might do to those who already have health issues, work from home policies, school from home policies, and general concerns, everyone stayed inside their own houses and avoided going out with friends. Making new friends, participating in planned social activities, and socializing with others were all put on hold for an indeterminate period of time.

Planned Social Activities and More

The young adult with cerebral palsy Trevor Kelliher created All Friends Network. The concept originated during the pandemic, when everyone else’s access to social interaction was cut off. It offers a free social network and software to people with developmental disabilities who wish to form friendships. The goal was to provide a way to meet new people, build on existing relationships, and, if the pandemic limitations were lifted, provide an opportunity to go to real-world events and occasions to meet these new friends in person. For individuals with cerebral palsy and autism, a specific social network is needed to provide a safe environment where others from comparable backgrounds and experiences may meet and discuss the possibility of forming new relationships. At All Friends Network, our mission is to assist people with developmental disabilities of all ages in concentrating on establishing new and lasting connections.

Members of our social support network may interact and communicate by using a free smartphone application. Only All Friends Network customers have access to the Live Link Network APP, which is fully functional and active. This helps to keep out individuals who are ignorant of the obstacles and struggles that persons with developmental disabilities face. In more transparent or public networks, many people who have attempted to form lifelong friendships online have met bullying and other negative behaviors. All Friends Network aims to support the establishment of friendships between individuals with developmental disabilities, including cerebral palsy and autism. The only way to become a member of this authentic community of people with disabilities is to give our staff a call.

All Friends Network and the Live-LINK Network

All Friends Network is a 501-(C)(3) Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Florida. Trevor Kelliher, our CEO and founder of AFN, is one of our team members. Paul D. Amato is the CFO, and Gregory J. Kelliher is the CEO. Trevor wants to help persons with developmental disabilities find friends and companionship through the All Friends Network. In his narrative, Trevor makes the claim that having friends is necessary for living a happy and fulfilling life. This is the primary objective of the AFN social support network, and we hope to be able to provide our members with the tools they need to create enduring relationships with the aid of our unique Live-LINK network software.

We value your donations, contributions, and support to our network of people with autism and cerebral palsy. Since we are a non-profit, contributions from the general public provide the funds for the work we conduct. You may donate at any time and pay with a PayPal, debit card, or credit card by clicking the “Donate Now” button on our website’s main page. We would like to thank each and every one of our sponsors, who are spread both nationally through our online resource and social support network, and locally in Florida.

A Local Community Support System

All Friends Network provides a wide range of resources, information and planned social activities for its members. As part of our plan to help people of all ages with developmental challenges, we are now expanding our work with the Live-LINK network application. Making new friends, forming genuine connections, enhancing life skills, and positioning oneself to have a more successful, meaningful, and independent life will all still be prioritized. By uniting all of our members and providing an enjoyable, participatory experience in a welcoming, safe atmosphere for everyone. If you would like to join All Friends Network or have any questions about our organization, give us a call at 941-587-7172 to talk with a member of our staff personally. To communicate with a team member at any time, you may also use our online form.