Making Friends with Cerebral Palsy for Children and Adults

friends with cerebral palsyLearning how to make friends when we are children can be much easier than what is required as an adult. However, regardless of your age, making friends with cerebral palsy can be a real challenge. The primary basis for kids is having someone that you can play with, either outdoors at a playground or indoors on video games or watching television. Cerebral palsy can frequently include other developmental disorders, including autism, which can make it difficult for individuals to communicate and share common interests with others who are different from them.

Making the transition from child to adult can be challenging for kids and young adults with cerebral palsy. That is why developing social ability confidence through a social network for developmental disabilities can be extremely beneficial. All Friends Network was created with the hope of providing people with cerebral palsy the tools, resources, support, and opportunity to make and retain friendships. In addition to job training and independent living tools, learning about making friends with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities is an essential skill that will be used throughout your lifetime.

Building Confidence and Security

At its core, the thing that most people need to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new is confidence. In addition, having a sense of security and safety that it is okay to do something different or experience new things can be beneficial. Preparing a child with a developmental disability for adulthood should start in the early teen years, building a solid foundation that allows for developing social ability and learning new friendship-making skills throughout their young adult lives. All Friends Network has created a safe and friendly space that is designed to assist members in participating in live events and online programs that encourages making new friends.

Friendships are instrumental in the goal of independent living. It can be difficult for some individuals to learn how to read facial queues and body language from others to understand what it is that they are trying to express. On the other hand, it can be challenging for many people to learn how to effectively express themselves to others so that they can also be understood. Whether the ultimate goal is to live in a personal home, assisted living setting, income-based public housing, or stay with relatives or roommates, taking the necessary steps to living life more independently is essential. Overcoming both cognitive and mobility issues might cause delays in achieving this goal, but it is possible.

Our Vision at All Friends Network

The primary goal of All Friends Network (AFN) is to serve as a social network for developmental disabilities, helping people who have cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities find friendships. Learning how to make and maintain friendships is essential for most people. Learning how to overcome challenges, fears, and concerns, while building confidence and security is something that people with developmental disabilities must deal with every day. However, the more you do it and actively use the skills that you learn, the easier it becomes. Online friendships, local events, and planned community gatherings can help to bolster friendships and help our members achieve their goals.

As a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation within the State of Florida, All Friends Network, Inc. was founded to help people of all ages, with a concentration of young adults who all have cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities. All Friends Network has many planned group activities and resources in the works for members and has launched an interactive online app called Live-LINK that will connect all of our members in a fun and exciting way. It is helpful to have a safe and friendly environment designed specifically for your needs that focuses on providing new ways to meet new friends, cultivate relationships, enhance life skills, and prepare members for a more meaningful and independent productive life. We have dedicated ourselves to creating opportunities at All Friends Network to make it a helpful first step toward a lifetime solution for happiness and success. To learn more about our organization or to join as a member, visit or give us a call at 941-587-7172. You can also reach out to our team using the online contact form on our website to get more information.