Resources and Opportunities for the Developmentally Disabled

pizza party with friends - improving social skillsMany people find it hard to meet new people and keep in touch with the friends they already have. On the other hand, people with developmental disorders like cerebral palsy and autism have a much harder time. You can count on your friends to be there for you through the highs and lows of life when you have a strong group of them. They are the people you go to when you have a problem that needs to be talked about or when you want good advice. Because we often share experiences and interests with our friends, we tend to value them much more than our own family members. Getting past your own limits and learning the skills you need to make and keep friends can help you in many ways. All Friends Network (AFN), an online support group, was created to help people with disabilities make friends and to help young people develop the self-confidence and social skills they need to make lasting friendships.

Developing Social Skills and Autism

Even though no two children are exactly the same, a lot of children with developmental problems have trouble making and keeping friends. Most people with the disability have symptoms that make it hard for them to communicate with others. Some people will find it easy to meet new people and make new friends, but they will have a hard time keeping those friendships going for a long time. This can happen to any child, with or without a disability, so it is in everyone’s best interest to take the time and make the effort to get help from an online support network so that the child can learn the communication and social skills they need to make long-lasting relationships with other people.

When it comes to getting over disabilities and making friends, it can be hard for children and teens for a number of reasons, such as low self-esteem and confidence, trouble making friends, and phobias. When kids are left out of games on the playground or conversations in the lunchroom at school, it can be upsetting. However, this usually makes them worry even more about their ability to make new friends. A person can learn the skills they need to talk to and make friends with people their own age by talking, playing, and interacting with people who have similar interests and limitations. After a long day of seeing doctors, therapists, caregivers, and their own parents, it’s sometimes best for a child to hang out with other kids and act like a kid for a while.

Opportunities to Make Friends

As kids, we learn how to connect with others and talk to them in a way that works, which is related to friendship and disabilities. This is also when we learn how to get along with other people. Parents might find it hard to watch their child struggle while they do nothing to help, but you can’t force a child to make new friends or talk to strangers; these things have to happen on their own. When this happens, the child will be able to see themselves and others in a positive light and make positive contributions to the world around them. To make sure that your child will be able to connect with other kids and adults as they get older, they need to reach certain milestones as they learn how to talk to people and make friends. You can think of these steps as building blocks.

All Friends Network can help people of any age who have developmental problems like autism or cerebral palsy. The goal of this group is to help in this way. Even though most of our members are young adults, we plan to have materials and activities for people of all ages, even though this age group is our main focus. The goal of the Live Link app is to connect all members and give them the chance to do fun, interactive activities in a safe, friendly environment. The main goals of this class are to learn how to make new friends, strengthen existing relationships, improve life skills, and get ready for a more meaningful and productive life. Getting help from others can be a great way to get over physical or mental handicaps. Through our online support network, people with similar interests, experiences, and goals will be able to find each other and make connections that matter.

Developing Social Ability Online and In-Person

Learning how to make friends and keep them throughout one’s life can lead to a lot of good things. If you have questions about All Friends Network or want to know how to join, you can contact us through our website or by calling 941-587-7172. We can answer any questions you have about the activities, goals, and opportunities of our online support network. We can also add you to the mailing list so you can get information about upcoming events, programs, and meetings.