Social Media Networks & the Positive Disabled Community Trend

Most people know about the downside to social media. Spending too much time watching videos, posting comments, and not interacting with people in real life. However, there have been some positive effects from this powerful medium, in particular, for the disabled community. Real people share photos, videos, and stories about the triumphs, challenges, and encouraging events from their lives. In recent years, many of those parents, families, and individuals are sharing about their children who have disabilities. You may have seen the hashtags about normalizing disabilities or raising awareness for autism and cerebral palsy. But the best testimony for other parents and families who may be struggling with issues related to their child’s disability, is to see someone who has a similar situation and has overcome it.

The Most Common Physical Disability in Children

Did you know that cerebral palsy is the number one physical disability diagnosed in children in America and around the globe? The current global figures are 1 out of every 250 births. However, despite this extremely large number of children who have this disability, we rarely ever see these kids out in the world. Why is that? Many parents today have taken it upon themselves to “normalize” disability and increase understanding about what cerebral palsy is and how life can still be amazing. They show their children out on adventures in nature, on vacation, visiting theme parks, and simply living their everyday lives. This can be extremely encouraging to new parents who just received a diagnosis and aren’t quite sure what that means.

It is important to show these families – not in Instagram perfection, but in raw, realistic situations. It can be a struggle to get a child who is not mobile or verbal to get out into the world. Sometimes it means putting off a trip until another day. Other times, it means not giving up and pushing through to the moment when everyone appreciates the effort. There are also a few times when making something happen still doesn’t work out and someone – maybe mom or dad – has a meltdown. Part of the challenge is because the world really isn’t set up to truly provide accessibility for all. The other part is often due to the fact that people, in general, don’t know how to act or react when they see a child in a wheelchair or using a walker.

Meet New Friends at All Friends Network

The AFN (All Friends Network) was created to provide the opportunity for disabled people to meet others with similar disability so they can meet new friends in a safe and secure membership area. The AFN-Live LINK Network is an application that provides even more options to the disabled community to create a safe and secure online networking community. While the primary target age of this program is teen to young adult, membership is open to anyone of all ages that has a disability. More programs are expected to be added to target certain issues, concerns, and subject matter, so it is helpful to join, regardless of your age.

The goal of All Friends Network is to help people with developmental disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy. AFN has many resources and planned activities for the membership. The AFN-Live LINK Network was created to provide safe, friendly, and interactive fun with a focus on learning how to meet new friends, cultivate relationships, enhance life skills, and prepare for a more meaningfully independent, productive life. Joining All Friends Network is the first positive step toward creating your own lifetime solution of happiness and success. Life is a lot easier and happier when you have friends to share it with, so take this opportunity to connect with others in your area through this online networking community.

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