Want Independent Living? Making New Friends Might Just Be Key

making friends can help with independent living for developmentally disabledFor someone with autism, even the most routine social situations can feel overwhelming. Finding and keeping true friends can be incredibly difficult. It’s true that anxiety can be a limiting factor when it comes to making friends with autism or cerebral palsy, but the good news is that there is no shortage of help available to those who are determined to overcome their fears and make those friendships a reality. If you’re a young adult with a handicap, you know how important friendships can be. Making new acquaintances, gaining the confidence to talk to strangers, and overcoming social anxiety can all feel like mountainous tasks. The goal of the All Friends Network is to assist persons with developmental impairments such as autism, cerebral palsy, and others in developing and maintaining meaningful friendships with one another through the use of an online platform.

Network for Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

The All Friends Network could be the key to unlocking your social potential if you have autism and have trouble interacting with others. Imagine it as a social network for autistic people, a place to connect with other young adults who share your interests and desire to learn more about making friends despite comparable difficulties. All Friends Network provides users with a variety of online tools, including forums, chat rooms, and the recently released Live-LINK app network, but they also organize in-person opportunities for members to meet up in a non-threatening environment. We focus heavily on young adults, but welcome anyone with a developmental disability such as autism, cerebral palsy, or other neurological impairments. Making new acquaintances as an adult with autism is challenging if you did not have many opportunities to do so when you were younger.

Some persons with autism live solitary lives from a young age, whether out of choice or because their disability prevents them from interacting with others. Some people with autism benefit from social events organized by their schools or families, however there may be instances where this is not possible. Whatever your history may be, now is the moment to make amends and acquire the skills necessary to make new acquaintances. To that aim, we’ve created All Friends Network as a secure hub for people with similar impairments and passions to connect with one another. To get the self-assurance to venture out into the world and take part in activities, this is a great place to start. Now, more and more helpful online tools are being created for members.

Finding Things You Have in Common

It’s far simpler to strike up a conversation with a stranger if you share some common ground with them, such a shared interest in a pastime or a favorite team. Having a common interest is often the starting point for the kind of friendship that people of all ages come to value and appreciate. Maybe you both like the same bands or restaurants, share a similar cultural background, know each other through a mutual acquaintance, like the same kinds of video games, or share a passion for a certain hobby. You’ll have a much simpler time getting to know each other and keeping up a conversation if you have something in common to talk about.

Finding local support organizations and events aimed for autistic folks is often cited as a starting point for internet resources about how to make new acquaintances. Members of All Friends Network, an online and offline community for autistic people, have full access to all of the group’s current and future activities, online interactions, resources, and events. Friendship with someone who has autism may appear intimidating at first, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Having confidence in yourself, regularly practicing your verbal and social abilities, and focusing on strengthening the foundations of your friendships should go you far.

Build Lifelong Friendships at AFN

The online contact form on our website is the best way to get in touch with our staff if you’re thinking about joining the All Friends Network. Simply dial 941-587-7172 to speak with a representative. We’re here to help you become a member, explain the Live-LINK app and its network, and answer any concerns you may have about meeting people on the autism spectrum and developing meaningful relationships with them. One small step can lead to a world of new experiences. In this way, we hope that All Friends Network can serve as a springboard for you to find and cultivate friendships that will bring you happiness and strength.