Resources for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

online resources and support for young adults with developmental disabilities

Even the most common social settings can be stressful for someone with autism. True friendship is hard to come by and very harder to maintain. Making friends with someone who has autism or cerebral palsy might be difficult at first due to anxiety, but there is plenty of support for people who are committed to…

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Making Friends with Developmental and Physical Disabilities

making friends with physical disabilities

Some aspects of life make us feel like we have more in common with those in similar situations than others. One example is the psychological advantages of establishing enduring friendships. It makes no difference if you have friends who have autism, cerebral palsy, or none at all. A shared passion may establish a lasting friendship…

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The Key to Independent Living: Making Good Friends for Life

making good friends with developmental disabilities

We all need more practice developing and maintaining friendships in our lives. Making and maintaining friendships may be difficult for persons with disabilities, including young children, young adults, and mature people. While the confidence and development of social skills in the person who is able to achieve this goal can be seen as benefits of…

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Real Life Events and Resources for Developmentally Disabled

real life events to network and meet new friends

There is a lot of evidence that shows how damaging social media can be for young people. However, there may be many benefits for those with developmental impairments who use a social networking site designed expressly for them. As a result of spending too much time in front of a screen, individuals are becoming increasingly…

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Friendship Resources for Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

friendship resources and support

It can be difficult for many people with developmental disabilities to get over problems with establishing and keeping friends. Many people find it simple to form quick friendships with others who are similar to them in age or background, such as those established during group gatherings. Pizza parties, field visits to nearby zoos and aquariums,…

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All Friends Network: Beneficial Social Skills and Opportunities

beneficial opportunities to make new friends

Developing your social skills may help you meet new people, strengthen existing relationships, and communicate more effectively. Improving your social skills will aid you in any endeavor, from climbing the corporate ladder to expanding your social circle. You may put your newfound social abilities to use by, for instance, making friends and engaging productively with…

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Brush Up on Your Friendship Skills: Tips for Autistic Young Adults

learn how to be a good friend

Some people are born with exceptional abilities, and they don’t have to put in any extra effort to become proficient at their chosen fields. For the rest of us, it can take practice. Learning to ride a bike, memorizing every dinosaur species, or beating the high score on the latest video game are all examples…

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Join All Friends Network: Take Advantage of Live Link Network

online resources for making friends

When someone is already susceptible to problems and illnesses, being cut off from others can have devastating effects. Making friends outside of the typical contexts of family, school, and extracurricular activities can be a turning point toward greater autonomy for people with developmental impairments like cerebral palsy and autism. During the pandemic, everyone stayed home…

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Learn to Develop Friendships: Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

develop friendships online and in person

If you have a developmental disability like cerebral palsy or autism, it might be difficult to find places to socialize and make friends. The older you are, especially after high school, the more difficult it becomes. Almost everyone, regardless of skill level, can attest to this being true. The goal of the All Friends Network,…

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How to Be a Good Friend: Tips for Making Friends with Autism

learn to be a good friend

Some people are born with talents and abilities that they don’t have to work on in order to succeed. This may mean learning to ride a bike for some, memorizing the names of every dinosaur ever, or mastering every level of a brand new video game for others. However, there are abilities in life that…

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