Resources and Opportunities for the Developmentally Disabled

pizza party with friends - improving social skills

Many people find it hard to meet new people and keep in touch with the friends they already have. On the other hand, people with developmental disorders like cerebral palsy and autism have a much harder time. You can count on your friends to be there for you through the highs and lows of life…

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Lots of Opportunities to Make Friends with Cerebral Palsy

opportunities to make friends in group settings

There are a lot of different organized activities that we can take part in as children, and these activities provide us with the opportunity to meet new people who are the same age as us and to form friendships with them. When you’re a youngster, it’s often a lot simpler to discover people who share…

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Want Independent Living? Making New Friends Might Just Be Key

making friends can help with independent living for developmentally disabled

For someone with autism, even the most routine social situations can feel overwhelming. Finding and keeping true friends can be incredibly difficult. It’s true that anxiety can be a limiting factor when it comes to making friends with autism or cerebral palsy, but the good news is that there is no shortage of help available…

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Join an Online Networking Community to Build Social Skills

join the AFN online community

It’s best to just go ahead and do something when you’re motivated enough to accomplish it even if it’s difficult. No one will offer it to you, so you must learn how to accept it for yourself. You must adopt a fresh perspective on social skills and autism if you want to learn how to…

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Real Life Events to Help Adults with Developing Social Ability

real life events for friendship making opportunities

There are a plethora of opportunities for youngsters to socialize with others their own age through structured activities. When you’re a kid, it’s often simpler to find a group of individuals with whom you have a lot in common, whether it’s through school, religion, athletics, or a hobby. Having such chances as an adult is…

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Online Networking Community for the Developmentally Disabled

online networking community for the developmentally disabled

If you really want to accomplish something, you should go ahead and do it, no matter how challenging it may be. No one is going to give it to you, so you have to learn to take it for yourself. Changing your outlook on autism and social skills is essential if you want to learn…

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The Value of Lifelong Friendship and the Advantages to Autism

lifelong friendships with family and people outside the family circle

Adults with cerebral palsy or autism share the same aspirations as everybody else: to live fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to society. They would rather not be identified by their impairment. In contrast, they strive to be recognized for their individuality and value to society. Attaining these objectives can be challenging, particularly in…

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Overcoming Disabilities with Friendship Making Skills at AFN

friendship making skills for adults with developmental disabilities

Many people who have developmental impairments find that overcoming difficulties in making friends and keeping those connections can be one of the most difficult challenges they face. Many people find it simple to form new friendships in a short amount of time, particularly with people they meet at events that bring together people of a…

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The Value of Long-Term Friendships: Developmental Disabilities

value long term friendships

For many who have developmental disabilities, overcoming issues concerning making friends and maintaining friendships can be a significant obstacle. Quick friendships, such as those made with individuals at group events with those of a similar age or background, are easy to come by for many. Real life opportunities, such as pizza parties, field trips to…

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Social Resources & Support: Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

social resources and support for developmentally disabled

Services for people with developmental disabilities have advanced greatly in recent years. Despite the fact that we still have a ways to go, there are many more places to connect with like-minded people and share experiences than ever before, including online forums, in-person meetups, publications, and social media. You can likely find the tools you…

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